Riva And Matt

During Halloween week of 2016 a dear friend of mine married the love of her life. We had been friends for nearly a decade and were roommates during most of college. After so many weddings I'd have to say the most difficult part is coming up with a gift idea thats sincere and different. She had gone through so many hardships with me as I did with her. It had to be something special but not in price. On a last minute whim I spent a night sketching out specific memories we had together. Her and another friend of ours had always reminded me of the three musketeers but with paint brushes and computers instead of swords. My biggest fear would be forgetting all the small moments we had together, letting life get in the way. A comic seemed like the best idea. It was a way for all of us to carry around those precious memories and remember how we all got to this point in our lives. 

One day I hope to continue this specific story. It was a great learning experience and the emotional response i got from it was priceless.