Eddies Story

One dark and rainy day during band practice, Armando met a cute little orphaned kitten. Unable to leave the little guy he decided to take him home, knowing Heather wouldn't mind with her cat allergies or tight budget. After many vet appointments and runaway attempts Eddie slowly started to feel more comfortable with his new family. Both Mando and Heather love Eddie more then anything. He may be a bit off from his years of neglect and abandonment but Eddie always waits by the door in anticipation of his daily hugs from his owners.

This page is dedicated to his very odd and interesting adventures. Soon I will have comic pages uploaded to give more details about his life and all the whacky stuff in between. 

Eddie has always been known for getting himself into trouble. During the holidays he love's to tangle himself in Christmas lights or break anything cute and delicious. These two paintings were used our 2016 holiday card.