Right or Left

The last year for me has really been a year of reflection. All the things I have gone through, how it has changed me and where my future as a freelancer stands. There's still so many unanswered questions. I still find it difficult to not beat myself up over past decisions or "could have been situations". Reflecting has been great but every now and then it leads to dwelling on things from years ago. I know theres certain things that will always leave a bittersweet feeling in my thoughts. There will always be artists I envy and situations that have made me feel less then. I suppose this year will be a continuation of pushing though these negative thoughts. This weeks blog may not have any art in it but it's still part of the process. 

There are so many things to show I'll just have to be patient as I move into larger and more complicated projects. I can promise that my food drawings will become a daily thing. I figured painting a snack before getting into my more time consuming projects will be a great daily warm up. Most of these sketches/paintings will appear on my  instagram. Please follow me if you wish to see daily, delicious, delights!