A Letter To My Twenties (Age 19)

As I come closer to turning 30 I cant help but contemplate over my twenties and everything Ive been through in those ten years. Every year had it's own purpose in shaping who I am as a person now. I thought of everything I wish I knew and the advice Id give to myself. Those thoughts led into my current obsession/ birthday present to myself. "A Letter To my twenties" is a project I'll be working on from today (Sept 20th) till my birthday (December 3rd). Each week will be a different age with a page of doodles reflecting how I felt and a self portrait. Im not sure how this will end but Im excited to see my first self portrait to the last and how things have changed in that time. Maybe some age's will have comic spreads but i'll just take it as it comes for now. 

Age 19

This year had been amazing in so many ways that now it just seems cruel. Everything was new and great, first year of college, first roomates, first love, first kiss and a feeling of complete acceptance by my peers. I felt as light as air like my feet couldn't touch the ground. When I think of this year I always think of an old sailors quote, "Red sky at night, sailors' delight. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning". Its like the entire year was blind to the storm on the horizon.