Birthday Turtle

This cute little guy could have been last weeks post but considering my moms birthday wasn't till the Saturday after i decided against it. So thats my last weeks excuse. I am happy to show him in all his cuteness. Im slowly starting to introduce my new and improved style with more digital collage then physical. I have so much more fun in the process and the results have always made me happy! 

In the last week I have made my plan to become the illustrator ive always wanted. I know it seems a bit far fetched but Im actually excited about the future possibilities. For starters, from this Friday till next year I will now be promoted and advertised by TheyDrawandCook! Super exciting! Who would have known I would find a community of Illustrators obsessed with food. My Family! Also next week I will release the new artwork for my next round of post cards and im taking online courses in freelance and business.

Small steps into the world I love.