A Letter To My Twenties (Age 30)

If you just tuned in please go back and start with Age 19. Today will be my final painting for this project, although I might have a remake or two for other ages. Next week will show what i plan to do with all the paintings i've made. 

Age 30

Looking back on my twenties and revisiting how I felt and reacted with certain situations only justified my idea that Id change nothing. I would love to know what I do now back at 19 or have the art abilities and focus I have now. There's so much I wish I took advantage of that I know I couldn't have back then. I had to learn those lessons to become who I am now. Going into my 30's I'm trying to not foresee what will happen or be. My goal is to follow my instinct, listen to my intuition and push to do the things I love day by day.