A Letter To My Twenties (Age 29)

If you just tuned in please go back and start with Age 19. Today will be my final post before the big 30. 

Age 29

This age I decided to make similar with 27 and 28. I still/am struggling with this constant identity crises followed by a crippling depression. What artist isn't? The difference this year was I felt like I was making choices to slowly walk out of it. I'll always have my feet in the water but at least most of my body is in the night air again. This year was difficult in the way that I had to cope with the bad job that Im still in. I had to find ways to not be so disappointed and defeated on a daily basis. I started my Hot Chocolate series, TheyDrawAndCook became my sponsor, I started this series and hopefully the beginning of an amazing comic collaboration. There is so much good happening it's just pushing myself to get up every day and not criticize all my choices. For my 29th birthday I actually got my first Tattoo as a reminder of everything i've gone through. Its two peonies with a mandala on my hip. It took six hours to complete and I'm proud to say I sat through the entire thing in one go. A few months later I got a peony in a triangle on my forearm. Whenever I felt silenced and helpless Id look at it and be reminded that I am not that person. I try to wake up everyday with the determination to get small steps done towards a better career. I use all my free time at work to look up publishers and work on my photoshop skills. I try to fit somthing thats personally important in every part of my day. I might still have this not so pleasant day job but nothing lasts forever.