A Letter To My Twenties (Age 26)

If you just tuned in please go back and start with Age 19. Since my last blog post was late by a week I will be posting twice next week. So ages 27 and 28 will only be a few days apart to meet my birthday goal. 

Age 26

To this day this was my luckiest year with the most confidence ive ever had. Everything happened at once in so many ways. I moved into my own apartment finally, I met someone who would become a great friend and ended up being my first Art Director at my first Design job. My social group became filled with amazing, creative and kind people. Most of all I had one of the best nights of my life that went wrong in every way possible and it was perfect.

Let me explain by, "the worst and most perfect night". A month before my 26 birthday I dyed my hair the most vibrant red I could find. It felt great to have my outside and inside voice become so loud and confident. From this my hair dressers friend contacted me. Of corse I shrugged him off at first and then I pushed myself to reach out and maybe meet for a coffee. It was a date but nothing serious. Just a fun night with boring clothes and maybe some good food. I had never expected to meet a person like him. Unlike other first dates we couldn't stop talking. We were so distracted by each other that we couldn't find the restaurant originally picked which we walked past a few times. It was also lit with obnoxious and very obvious pepper lights. We ate at the Muse and talked about our goals and dreams. It was never "I wish I could do this", it was always "I will do this and be amazing". We were equal in bad humor, optimistic bluntness, and a obsession for good food. It was also the last night I would ever eat a calzone. We joked about the possibility of me being gluten intolerant and how it probably wasn't real (hello celiac disease!) He even enjoyed Evanesence. In my distracted state I managed to lock my keys in my car at the end of the night. Instead of being embarrassed we laughed. He bought me a hot chocolate and waited nearly two hours with me. Three months later he moved in. Six months later we got our own apartment with a very sick kitten named Eddie. Godzilla the bearded dragon would come into he picture much later. That date was four years ago and if everything in college never happened I would have never moved home and met this amazing person.