A Letter to My Twenties (Age 23)

Five weeks down and going strong! If you just tuned in please go back and start with Age 19.

Age 23

Looking back I have no idea what I was expecting to happen once I got handed my College Diploma. Would all my dreams come true? Would I be happy or loved? Nope, big fat no. After graduation I lived in Brooklyn for two and a half months. In a over priced, over crowded apartment in NYC. I remember riding the subway to my minimum wage job in Manhatten, thinking how Im supposedly living the dream of every artist. I loved the city but I felt so disconnected from it all. My creativity was on a complete shut down. Thankfully A good friend picked me up and drove me back home to the little state of Rhode Island. 

Unfortunately it would take another few months into my boyfriends next relationship that I would then find out it was over. As much as it hurt, it was a great opportunity for me to leave that situation. I struggled for a long time not knowing why things had happened the way they had. Why I wasn't enough or why I was treated like nothing. Was there ever regret or remorse over treating me so poorly? It might have taken me a long time to realize sometimes there are no answers but I am so proud of myself for not giving into that negative mindset. I didn't let it destroy my life or self esteem. I made the best of things and eventually turned out ok with a amazing group of friends. Not to mention the cutest musician ever but thats not for another three years from Age 23.