Love What You Do

One of the hardest lessons Ive have learned from being a Illustrator is loving what I do. Obviously I always cared about it but when creating my style I accidentally went with what people liked instead of what made me happy. I used to have a lot of paper collages but slowly overtime Ive been replacing them with my new paintings that are half digitally collaged. All my work still looks great and like me but now I enjoy what I do. Todays painting is a remake of a seagull I made in 2012. I still love the older painting but the newer one made me happy and I enjoyed doing it. I think i'll always love the charm of the first one but I cant say i'll ever use it again. Hopefully I can find other paintings I love and make a more modern and happy version of them as well.

Birthday Turtle

This cute little guy could have been last weeks post but considering my moms birthday wasn't till the Saturday after i decided against it. So thats my last weeks excuse. I am happy to show him in all his cuteness. Im slowly starting to introduce my new and improved style with more digital collage then physical. I have so much more fun in the process and the results have always made me happy! 

In the last week I have made my plan to become the illustrator ive always wanted. I know it seems a bit far fetched but Im actually excited about the future possibilities. For starters, from this Friday till next year I will now be promoted and advertised by TheyDrawandCook! Super exciting! Who would have known I would find a community of Illustrators obsessed with food. My Family! Also next week I will release the new artwork for my next round of post cards and im taking online courses in freelance and business.

Small steps into the world I love. 

Hot Chocolate Obsession

As you can see, I have been obsessed with hot chocolate lately. So far this would have to be my favorite one. it's a bit more playful and bright then the others. If you would like to know more about my recipes please check out "The Hot Chocolate Project" under the Work of my website or check out

My Creative Depression

In the last year Id wake up with a sense of dejavu and a heavy feeling in my chest as if I couldn't breath. At work I would feel isolated and incompetent. It's like the harder I try the worse I become. With every decision Ive been making it seems theres always a door to a more miserable place. On bad days Id tell myself "Look on the bright side, tomorrows a better day". Even on those good days its the same cycle. Unworthy, incompetent and worthless is what goes through my head. It's a difficult feeling. The anxiety attack that time is running out and I should have accomplished so much more at this point. 

Many artists I have met have experienced similar experiences. I love my life, my friends and family, my home and relationship. Im even coming to terms with having Celiac disease and being extra annoying when eating out. I think the best way to deal with a depression is to draw. Create what you can with how your feeling. Self portraits have always been my go to for this type of thing. For once I don't think I need to explain it ether. I leave this painting up for your own interpretation. 

Lucky Irish Part 2

After a few weeks of attempting my blog Ive decided that Wednesday works much better for posting. Being me, of corse I accidentally delete my blog trying to get my new banner up. So if you see this as the first post, that's why. I did re-add last weeks post as well. With that being said, I'll show a bunch of goodies this week to make up for my Absent-mindedness. 

So this week is the second half of last week's post. I have the finished painting of my "lucky Mint Hot Chocolate" and I created recipes out of this hot chocolate and the "Unicorn Hot Chocolate". Hopefully I'll have both recipes posted on TheyDrawAndCook (TDAC) soon. This hot Chocolate obsession will be a new monthly project. More versions to come.